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Cella is an award-winning creative staffing agency matching top-level creative, marketing, and digital talent with companies nationwide. They work with leading brands across the nation supporting temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire placements.

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Prior to adopting pandoIQ, Cella became highly dependent on one source for job advertising. This was due to the complexity of managing recruitment ad spend across multiple vendors for a wide variety of jobs and employers. As the competition for talent intensified and Cella strived to maintain the highest level of service to their clients, they found themselves at the mercy of the job site's complex pricing strategies. As a result job ad spend increased significantly and became difficult to control. In an effort to keep their KPIs in check, Cella began to explore programmatic recruitment advertising solutions that would allow them to better diversify their applicant sourcing strategies to manage their ad spend more effectively.




During the evaluation process, Cella found PandoLogic’s AI-enabled technology to be cutting edge compared to other solutions. Better yet, they were even more impressed on how its programmatic job advertising platform, pandoIQ, was able to address all the challenges they were facing. Cella decided to use pandoIQ to completely automate their job advertising process, including managing job site distribution and recruitment spend allocation strategies across their job ads.

"PandoLogic's account managers go above and beyond to provide best practice information to ensure we receive optimal performance from our spend, " sad Time Gearhart Sr. Director of Business Operations, " And pandoIQ’s AI-enabled algorithms have eliminated the resources previously required to manage and track our ad campaigns! "



Now that Cella is using pandoIQ, the agency is able to diversify their sourcing strategy without increasing costs—all while improving their time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and quality of applicant KPIs. With a fully-automated and data-driven platform, pandoIQ has helped Cella eliminate inefficiencies and unnecessary costs associated with managing large volumes of job ads. Its predictive data and real-time performance metrics has also helped Cella prioritize its staffing resources and streamline processes. Click here for a live, one-on-one demo of pandoIQ.