pandoIQ Provides an Applicant Boost For Domino's Pizza Franchise




Domino’s Pizza is a global leader in pizza delivery with stores in over 90 countries. A huge challenge in any quick service restaurant is recruiting talent. With historically high turnover rates and a need to keep staffing levels in line with performance, hiring is a big deal for Domino’s franchisees. Stores need to find as many qualified candidates as possible to ensure the business can continue to run efficiently. To actively build and maintain a candidate pipeline can be difficult for a franchisee responsible for so much more than just hiring.

Results at a Glance


Increase in Applicant Volume


Reduction in Monthly Recruiting Investment


Decreased CPA


Increase in Overall Employees on Payroll

The Challenge


NRV Pizza, a regional franchise based in Virginia, was using one job site with a set budget to market their job opportunities and build a candidate pipeline. The investment in recruiting was meaningful – they often spend over $200 per store each month advertising jobs – however the ROI was not always there, and the quality of the candidates wasn’t always up to their standards.

The Solution


Through the use of PandoLogic, NRV Pizza was able to diversify recruitment sources with minimal effort to increase candidate pipeline. Pandologic’s programmatic job advertising platform, pandoIQ, automated and optimized job ad visibility across relevant sites in their network increasing exposure to the right job seekers without overspending or manual intervention.



By moving their budget to PandoLogic, NRV Pizza, saw applicant volume skyrocket without an increase in spend. Applicant volume increased by 472%. Within the first 5 weeks of using PandoLogic, total staff numbers increased by 15% which allowed NRV Pizza to continue to meet the demand of their customers and put food on peoples tables during these uncertain times.

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