Top Healthcare Company Drives More Quality Candidates With pandoIQ




A leading provider of correctional healthcare was having trouble sourcing candidates for their hard-to-fill roles. With open positions consisting of highly specialized roles in the medical field, it became a challenge reaching optimal job ad performance and hiring KPIs. They often found they were spending money on jobs that would receive no applicants. They sought out a job advertising partner who could help them eliminate wasteful spending while continuing to see maximum performance on all jobs.

Results at a Glance


Reduced CPC


Decreased # of Jobs with Zero Applicants


Lower CPA



In the month of January, the Talent Acquisition team had 567 open positions to campaign. Open positions were from multiple locations with varying levels of specifications. Their goal was to reach maximum performance across all jobs during the 30 day campaign period without exceeding their set monthly job advertising budget.




pandoIQ was able to utilize its smart budget decision making technology to effectively spend their job advertising budget. Using AI-enabled algorithms, pandoIQ efficiently distributed spend across all jobs. Budget was automatically allocated to each job with a different CPC strategy. This allowed for a better distribution of views and applicants across all jobs during the campaign period. pandoIQ was able to identify where, when and how much budget to allocate across all jobs ensuring no wasteful spend and maximum performance during the campaign period.



Our client was able to lower their CPA by 57% YoY while continuing to see the maximum performance on all jobs during the campaign period. With dynamic bidding capabilities, CPC cost was also decreased by 65%. Additionally, pandoIQ's programmatic technology distributed an equal amount of views across all jobs and subsequently an equal number of applicants, lowering the total percentage of jobs without any applicants by 58%. pandoIQ was able to drive value to jobs that previously were not performing. Our client looks forward to continuing their partnership with PandoLogic and campaigning more jobs through the pandoIQ platform.