80% Of Execs Agree: AI Will Improve Recruiting

Finding top talent is more than a competition—it's a race. AI and recruiters are smarter & faster together. Download our eBook,Today’s Race for Recruiting Talent: Winning with AI  to:

  • Source applicants more efficiently 
  • Reduce your cost-per-hire and time-to-hire
  • Improve your quality of applicants

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What can recruiting with AI do for your company?


Fill A Variety Of Positions Faster & For Less

 AI will target and deliver only the best candidates for your unique needs.


Screen Candidates With A 94%+ Accuracy Rate 

AI will help you make more informed decisions, keeping the most qualified applicants in the funnel.


Reach Passive Candidates

AI will identify and target qualified candidates who may not be looking for work right now.


Reduce Hiring Bias

AI will streamline the hiring process to make it more fair and merit-based.

What's inside the eBook

  • What is AI for recruiting?
  • How does AI impact your KPIs?
  • Improving hiring quality with AI
  • How AI enables audience targeting
  • Why Big Data analytics is key to AI in recruiting
  • Choosing the right recruiting AI technology for you
  • Will AI replace you?
  • Meet pandoIQ