How Technology is Solving Today's Labor Shortage

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Ask any employer or staffing professional what their biggest challenge is today, and they’ll probably say: recruitment and retention.

In our latest webcast with the International Franchise Association, “How Technology is Solving Today’s Labor Shortage,” our panel of experts will weigh in on how advancements in recruitment technology have helped franchise owners combat the labor shortage while easing their personal workloads.

Join Lauren Austin, Employee Relations Manager at Brumit Restaurant Group, Bill Sofio, Franchisee at Express Employment Professionals, and moderator Chasity Jensen, Sales Director at PandoLogic as they discuss how AI-powered technology:

  • Automates the entire recruitment marketing process.
  • Expands talent pools far beyond their usual scale.
  • Reduces the administrative burden in recruitment.
  • Keeps connecting with candidates and new hires.

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