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Spilling The Tea: The Candidate Experience From The Candidate Lens 

Featuring: Tracey Parsons

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Reimagining Company Culture: Culture Add vs. Culture Fit

By now, we're sure you're acutely aware of the value that a strong company culture brings to the table. But is it possible that it holds you back from diversifying your talent? and building a stronger workforce? Here we discuss the reimagining of company culture, one that prioritizes culture adds over culture fits. What can new, varying talent bring to your table?

How Strong Job Titles Can Attract The Best Talent 

For candidates, job titles are usually the entry point of the recruitment process. And for some, the first time they ever interact with your brand may be through clicking on your job listing. Job recruitment titles serve an important purpose: they should attract qualified candidates enough to click through to the job listing and be accurate to the role you are hiring for.