Eliminate the Guesswork in Your Recruitment Strategy with pandoIQ

The Programmatic Job Advertising Solution with the Power to Predict.

Avis Budget Group

"pandoIQ has quickly revolutionized our candidate sourcing strategy by providing upfront job performance prediction, a single source for managing job distribution and visibility on the key performance and budget metrics.”

Ross Fernandez Talent Acquisition Director, World HQ - Avis Budget Group

Automated. Intelligent. Insightful.

pandoIQ makes enterprise recruiting easier. Everything you need to source the right talent from across the Web is now available in one programmatic job advertising platform.

The pandoIQ platform:

  • Automates and optimizes every step of the job advertising process
  • Delivers optimal performance and predictive insights
  • Maximizes ROI from your recruitment ad spend
pandoIQ - analytics dashboard

Why Choose pandoIQ?

Predictive Optimization Delivers 2X The Applicants With No Additional Spend


Fully automates process

Fully automates the job advertising process


Dynamically allocates budget

Dynamically allocates your budget 

Optimizes campaigns

Optimizes campaign strategies in real-time


Delivers insights

Delivers actionable insights



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Your insights guru.

NAVi is one of pandoIQ’s super-intelligent automation algorithms  and a whiz at predicting the future. Using AI, machine learning, and  199 billion data points which are deeply rooted in its DNA, NAVi has unlocked the exact scientific formula and key job ad attributes that predict job ad performance in nanoseconds. NAVi gives employers timely predictive insights into how job advertising will impact their applicant funnel so they can eliminate the guesswork and prioritize staffing resources more effectively.

This rock star algorithm also plays a leading role as the predictive benchmark in pandoIQ’s automated campaign optimization process. pandoIQ's campaign optimization algorithms monitor actual ad performance compared to NAVi's predictive benchmark, and make complex decisions in real-time such as increasing CPC bids and or which sites to target in order to meet or exceed the predicted performance for each and every job.

Thanks to NAVi’s ability to predict, employers get optimal performance and more applicants across all their jobs without any human intervention.

NAVi - prediction and automation algorithm