PandoLogic Welcomes

Wade & Wendy

AI-Enabled Job Advertising Meets Conversational AI


Reimagine What It Means To Discover Quality Talent


Over the last two years, PandoLogic has been growing significantly in the Programmatic Job Advertising space. One common barrier to continued market adoption, however, is an assumption that Programmatic delivers large volumes of candidates but at low quality. Coupling Wade & Wendy’s uniquely engaging and personal conversational AI technology with Programmatic will help increase conversion rates while reducing the strain on recruiters by doing the first level qualification screening. This positions PandoLogic as the only Programmatic Advertising provider who can clearly define a quality applicant without the inherent bias that comes with human intervention. We believe that this key differentiator in the market will fuel continued growth for both pandoIQ and Wade & Wendy.


Together Let's Dare To Recover Bolder, Bigger, Better


According to Madeline Laurano, "We're entering one of the hottest job markets in over a decade, making the need to recruit intelligently and hire quickly crucial to organizational viability. Both PandoLogic and Wade & Wendy have consistently demonstrated their ability to drive measurable results for hiring companies and exemplary experiences for job candidates." The power of the two companies together will yield exciting innovations in the areas of diversity sourcing and job seeker community curation.

We are at the forefront of a revolution. One that will change the way you: engage, source, hire. It is the future of recruiting. The future of job advertising.


Discover Quality Talent


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