Workforce Recovery Grant

It is our mission to help all employers intelligently source the best candidates no matter the circumstances.

After months of working to stop the spread of coronavirus, quarantines are easing in the United States and businesses are eager to get back to work. This new post-pandemic reality will be met with some additional hard times, but we want to continue doing our part in aiding the economy and the businesses that need a boost. PandoLogic is now offering grants to help employers who were hit hardest these last few months and are looking to replenish the staff they need to move forward.

The Workforce Recovery Grant will cover the cost of a recruitment advertising campaign while also delivering the most up-to-date data on the changing and dynamic talent demand, the latest cost per hire, the best sources for talent and the most effective way to campaign for the needed talent in this volatile market.

The grant is open to employers and staffing agencies looking to rebuild staff following the pandemic.

To submit a request for funds, please fill out the form below.